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Squirrel Monkey in Rainforest

What Kids Can Do To Protect the Rainforest

It's true! You (your family, friends, classmates) can protect a bit of the globally endangered rainforest environment. Through the fine efforts of the Rainforest Foundation (a well-established nonprofit organization, based in New York) . . . check out this wonderful program. It allows you to donate small amounts of money to support indigenous rights and the environment through the purchase and protection of rainforest lands.Read More
Tree with Hole

Virginia Bee Ward – 13-Year-Old Nature Writer

This is a brief bit of a longer post, titled “WRITING FROM A TREE: On the Inspiration of Nature,” featured on the Children & Nature Network blog. It talks about the inspiration gained from writing in the outdoors, surrounded by nature. The article is written by Virginia Bee Ward, a 13-year-old poet and author who...Read More
Ripple in Water

Tipping Points, Ripple Effects, and Other Environmental Concerns

Here are some terms for environmental effects. Do you understand them? The Domino Effect. This occurs when a series of events are connected. The connections are direct, one to the next. The term comes from the pastime of setting up rows of domino tiles, so that when you knock one over, it topples the next, which topples the next, and so on until all the dominos fall down.Read More
Kemp's ridley sea turtle hatchlings

Elizabeth’s Landing – A Sea Turtle Conservation Novel for Middle Grade Readers

I open my eyes. The woman kneeling at my side slips off her sunglasses and scans my face. Wisps of dark chocolate-colored hair stick out from under her sand-colored ball cap. Port Winston Marine Science Center is printed over the brim. Embroidered in dark blue thread above her shirt pocket is MARIA, Staff Biologist. She’s Mom’s age or close. (Elizabeth’s Landing is an award-winning novel for middle-grade readers about a 14-year-old girl who gets involved with Kemp’s ridley sea turtle conservation efforts in Texas along the Gulf Coast.)Read More
Jane Goodall and Chimpanzee

A Valentine for Jane Goodall

Fifty-eight years ago, Jane Goodall traveled to Gombe National Park’s chimp reserve in Tanzania and within a year made discoveries that were shocking not only because they revealed chimpanzees’ complex emotional lives, but also altered our idea of what it means to be human. Jane told us about her discoveries through her simple yet poetic language and a photographer’s lens in National Geographic magazine. Since then we’ve never stopped watching and listening. I think it’s safe to say the world fell in love with Jane Goodall in 1963 and hasn’t fallen out of love since.Read More
The Stranded Whale, by Jane Yolen

The Stranded Whale – A Tale by Jane Yolen

The Stranded Whale is a moving, honest book by Jane Yolen, a master storyteller, winner of the Caldecott Medal for Owl Moon and the author of the How Do Dinosaurs [Say Goodnight, etc.] series. This picturebook delivers a story of a beached whale. A trio of children first spot it, a great gray shape looming on the beach as the tide goes out, and they spring into action, doing all they can to keep it wet with their sweaters, dowsed with seawater, while they call for more help. A number of adults respond to the call to try to save the whale.Read More
two chimpanzees

10 Ways You Can Protect Wild Animals – Ideas for Giving Tuesday 2017

10 Ways You Can Protect Wild Animals - Ideas for #GivingTuesday 2017. Did you know you can adopt an gorilla or elephant, a lemur or a orangutan? You can save a bunch of baby turtles. You can preserve an acre of rainforest! Let's make the world a better place for all creatures great & small. Typical gifts to these organizations are around $25. We're all connected to these animals and their habitats around the world, and your contribution makes a real impact. Here are our WAKA recommendations for conservation organizations worthy of your support:Read More
Cover art from Whispers of the Wolf, by Pauline Ts'o

Whispers of the Wolf – by Pauline Tso

I thought, maybe I should write about this "letting go" thing. But how to give it the voice of a child? Letting go of an animal adopted from the wild seemed like a good metaphor, something that kids would understand. And because I had fallen in love with the Four Corners region after visiting for years, the pueblos felt like a natural setting. I knew there were a number of books which were retellings of Native American traditional stories, but few featured realistic characters, people more like the actual people I had met on my trips. Perhaps this was something different I could contribute.Read More
Baby Sea Turtle Crawls to the Ocean

What Kids Can Do To Protect Sea Turtles

With so many big problems facing sea turtles, it is easy to get overwhelmed and feel like nothing can be done. The Billion Baby Turtles program offers students a concrete way to help save baby sea turtles around the world. Each fall, school classes around the U.S. join forces to raise funds that go to important turtle nesting beach conservation projects. Over the past four years, 1,500 students from dozens of schools have raised money to help save nearly 20,000 turtle hatchlings. The funds support guards to patrol turtle nesting beaches, helping to keep poachers and predators away and helping hatchlings get to the water. You too can get involved! Read More
Doyli and howler monkey

Kids and Wild Animals – A Natural Alliance

Meet Cathleen Burnham, founder of WAKA, which stands for World Association of Kids and Animals. WAKA is a website & outreach effort that offers engaging gateway stories, ideas for youth activities and projects, and other resources that highlight stories of kids involved in endangered wild animal protection. WAKA stories celebrate kid empowerment!Read More
Baby Horned Owl

Helping Injured Birds and Other Animals the Right Way – The Books of Jennifer Keats Curtis

Spring is here, which means baby animal season is about to be upon us. Spring is when many tiny wild creatures are born and hatched. Sometimes, those animal infants get into trouble, get lost, get injured. What should you do if you find a wild animal that you think needs help? The answer is simple: Use the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA) website to find the rehabilitator nearest you!Read More
Thai boy feeds baby elephant

Tony and His Elephants – A Thai Elephant Sanctuary Picturebook

Tony and His Elephants is a picturebook that introduces young readers to Tony, an eight-year-old boy, whose family runs a small elephant sanctuary in northern Thailand. Tony becomes involved in the care of two young elephants, Baby Pumpuii and Nam Cho, rescued from an urban setting to a new life in the forests. But life in the wilds is not without its own drama and danger. Tony is quickly drawn into a deep and lasting relationship with these amazing and sensitive animals. This is the third book by documentary photographer Cathleen Burnham in her series featuring kids involved in wild animal rescue activities around the world.Read More
The Watcher - Jane Goodall's Life with Chimps

The Watcher – Jane Goodall’s Life with the Chimps

The Watcher starts out with a bang. Jane Goodall is missing! Not Jane, the primatologist, but Valerie Jane, the little English girl, beloved by her family. Thankfully, young Jane is found safe and sound, hiding in the henhouse to see exactly how an egg comes from a chicken. Jane was doing what she would come to do best: watching animals to learn about them. The Watcher is written for children who don't yet know Jane Goodall but can relate to the little girl who loves animals and has one singular, unshakable dream: to visit Africa.Read More