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Wild Animal Conservation
Tortuga Tide - Youth Activism for Ocean Conservation

Tortuga Tide – Youth Ocean Conservation Activists

According to Josh Heckman, director of Tortuga Tide, the organization was founded in summer 2015 by Josh and several friends, fresh out of their first year of college, to tackle a straight-forward question: How do we help save the world’s oceans? Among other programs, Tortuga Tide is developing youth "ambassadors" to work on ocean conservation issues.Read More
Baby Leatherback Sea Turtle

My First Trip to Parismina Island, Costa Rica

(Guest Post by Cathleen Burnham) My family hired a small motor boat from the tiny port at Siquirres to a tinier landing at Parismina Island. We had come to the small island on the Caribbean Sea, on the east coast of Costa Rica, to learn about sea turtles and participate in the local turtle conservation program, including meeting the kids involved in patrolling the beaches, who called themselves the Tortuga Squad.Read More
loggerhead turtle swimming

Tortuga Squad – Kids Saving Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Tortuga Squad: Kids Saving Sea Turtles in Costa Rica, by Cathleen Burnham (Book 2 in the WAKA series), is about a group of kids in Costa Rica working to save baby turtles, patrolling the beach for poachers and rescuing eggs to incubate in a hatchery. On Parismina Island in Costa Rica, the "Tortuga Squad," a group of youngsters, keep watch on the beach for new nests of sea turtle eggs. Like many places in the Caribbean and elsewhere, this island is a dangerous place for turtles. Here, the villagers have eaten turtle meat and eggs for generations. But many species are close to extinction. Poaching eggs and killing sea turtles for meat is now illegal on the island. But some people still do it. So the turtles need extra help. This is where the kids come in.Read More
Snow Leopard, an endangered wild animal

Calendar of Wild Animal Days

Join others to advocate for better treatment of wild animals! Support the work of those involved in protecting wildlife and their habitats! Here's a list of official celebration events, from International Polar Bear Day to World Elephant Day.Read More
Koala Hospital, by Suzi Eszterhas, tells about a wild animal rescue program in Australia

Koala Hospital – A Great Book for Young Readers

In Koala Hospital, wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas introduces readers to the world’s only hospital for the universally adored and incredibly cute marsupial: the Australian koala. The delightful 48-page book, targeted for kids (ages 7–10), documents the work of Cheyne Flanagan and volunteers at the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, Australia.Read More
Wolf in the Wilderness

What IS Conservation?

A good place to start is this: "The best definition of conservation that I can come up with is: ‘Things people do to establish or maintain good relations with nature.’" That's from a university professor, Chris Sandbrook (Cambridge). Good relations. It's what the Lakota people (Native American Indians) knew when they greeted all life around them with a prayer to the world, "mitakuye oyasin" . . . loosely translated as "All my relations." It means we are all connected. We are all family.Read More
Doyli to the Rescue: Saving Baby Monkeys in the Amazon Rainforest

Doyli to the Rescue – Saving Baby Monkeys in the Amazon

"DOYLI TO THE RESCUE: Saving Baby Monkeys in the Amazon is a delightful book for all ages. It is the best kind of nonfiction – engaging as well as informative.... Burnham shows us how even young children can make a difference in the world, and offers ideas on ways to help protect wild animals. Young and old alike will be enthralled with this book." – Natalie Kinsey-Warnock, Children's Book AuthorRead More