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Teacher Guides

Thanks to Marcie Colleen for creating these teacher’s guides for our series! The guides are chock-full of learning activities and class project ideas, plus great resources (websites with kid-friendly fact sheets and action ideas, additional books to consider for your school or public libraries, etc.) to enrich student knowledge about and compassion for endangered animal species and habitats.

Just click on the link below to open the Teacher’s Guide (as a PDF document) in your browser. You should then be able to download it to your computer.

Teacher’s Guide – Doyli to the Rescue

Teacher’s Guide – Tortuga Squad

If downloading the PDF is a problem for any reason, email us, Crickhollow Books (publishers of the WAKA series), indicate in your message which Teacher’s Guide you’d like, and we’ll email the PDF file to you.

If you have any feedback on the guide, ideas for other activities, or want to share comments or tell about your experiences using the guide and the books, use the comments field below.