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Tree with Hole

Virginia Bee Ward – 13-Year-Old Nature Writer

This is a brief bit of a longer post, titled “WRITING FROM A TREE: On the Inspiration of Nature,” featured on the Children & Nature Network blog. It talks about the inspiration gained from writing in the outdoors, surrounded by nature.

The article is written by Virginia Bee Ward, a 13-year-old poet and author who lives on a small farm in Western North Carolina. The intriguing touch is that at least part of this lovely piece was written while sitting in a tree.

I love writing in trees and in nature in general because everything that I see around me inspires characters, objects, and the setting of the stories themselves. Most of my ideas came from nature such as the book I am writing right now and the ever-growing book of poetry I am composing.


Inspiration can come from even the little things, how a leaf falls to the ground, the light shining through its porous brown body leaving the ground dappled from the shadows created by its many holes.

Ms. Ward’s writing is short, sweet, and purposeful. We wanted to share it here on the WAKA blog as an example of the inspiration that comes to each of us . . . if we pause to spend time with nature.

Whether our vision turns to awesome vistas or the majesty of wild creatures or a simple falling leaf, we will grow to see that it is all worthy of being observed, appreciated, and protected.

* * *

Check out the full post titled “WRITING FROM A TREE: On the Inspiration of Nature,” by 13-year-old writer Virginia Bee Ward, featured on the Children & Nature Network blog.

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